Like most folks I was not concerned about my ancestry when I was younger. My great aunt, Mary Ketus Holland was a genealogist and I remember her talking about our ancestors but was unable to keep up with her. Later my father and his sister, Aunt Myra, began researching our surname but my interest was still not stirred . I remember Aunt Ada (the family historian) telling stories about the Bowers family but this did not register either. After my father , Aunt Myra and Aunt Ada had passed away I realized that it was up to me to trace the lineage of the surname Bowers so I began on this journey.
I have pieced together quite a bit of information about my ancestry. In the United states from the early 1600's forward I am derived from the following families:
Barnes, Bowers, Carter, Deen, Digges, Dow, Grantham, Greene, Hall, Herndon, Joyce, Kemp, Kennedy, Leggett, Llewellyn, Mann, Mattox, McKenzie, McKinney, Middleton, Rivers, Sikes, Smith, Strickland, Tillman, Tippins and Tuten. Anyone either having information to share or needing assistance is welcomed to contact me at

I am in the process of completing the Genealogy of Benjamin Bowers, Sr. of Beaufort and Pitt County, North Carolina.

To obtain copies of "Our Heritage" genealogy books by Mary Ketus Holland for Carter , Miles  and Holland families contact me a

For anyone who is interested Family Coat of Arms, here are a few: Click to Enlarge
Bowers, Carter, Deen, Tillman, Tuten