For as long as I can remember the War Between the States has been a subject of great interest to me. My childhood was spent either drawing or portraying the confederate soldier in battle defending home and hearth. As I grew older my interest continued until the time when I joined the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Although I can remember stories of how my great-great grandfather had lost his arm in the Battle of Atlanta and how a great-great -great uncle had died while trying to make it home from North Carolina after the surrender and how an uncle died in the battle of Kennesaw Mountain I really did not know a lot about the history of my family and my county as it applied to the War For Southern Independence.
I began to research the history and after some 1000 hours and many miles I have completed histories for the 27th Georgia Infantry, the 47th Georgia Infantry, and the 54th Georgia Infantry. In addition to the regimental histories, I have published a novel, Two Rebels from the Altamaha. 

I have also helped several people in researching their ancestors.
When the Appling County Heritage Center opened the Appling Grays Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans created a display for the War Between the States and I wrote histories for the Appling County units.  I now serve on the Board of Directors for the Appling County Heritage Center.


Co. I, 27th Georgia Infantry Appling Grays
Co. F, 47th Georgia Infantry, Appling Rangers
Co. B & Co. K, 54th Georgia, Appling Volunteers and Satilla Rifles
Clinch's 4th Cavalry

Appling County Roll of Honor
Appling County Militia Units